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Ryan Vachon, Ph.D.
Ryan earned his Ph.D. in climate science and geochemistry in 2006.  For 15 years, Ryan travelled to Greenland, Alaska, the Andes and the Himalaya researching changing climate.  In the 2000’s Ryan directed his professional goals to include raising awareness to human’s connection and interactivity with natural systems.  Over the past decade his media has been broadcast on the National Geographic, History, Discovery, CNN, BBC, PBS, NOVA and MSNBC channels. His hard work and mastery of film landed him an invitation to author the book Science Films. In addition to his work with Provare Media, Ryan is a Research Scientist at the renowned climate studies institute, INSTAAR, and teaches at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Daniel Zietlow, Ph.D.
During college, Dan developed a love of science, art, travel, and the outdoors. He pursued these diverse interests by majoring in physics and art history, as well as studying abroad at the Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Sydney. Dan also spent three summers as an undergraduate research assistant, combining high-speed photography and lasers to study the vibrations of musical instruments. After graduating, Dan entered a doctoral program at the University of Colorado where he specialized in seismology, studying how the Earth’s lithosphere deforms around active faults. His work took him across the globe, from his backyard in the Rocky Mountains to New Zealand, Nepal, South Africa, and even to a research vessel in the Pacific Ocean. In the field, he installed seismometers and magnetotelluric instrumentation, and helped run sonar lines and collect water samples on glaciers. While completing his Ph.D., Dan became interested in creative ways to communicate his fieldwork and scientific research, particularly through film. Along with his work at Provare Media, Dan also works with the National Center for Atmospheric Research and National Geographic Student Expeditions.


Emmy Award Nomination 2015

Adventures in Science - Peru

Emmy Award Nomination 2019

Adventures in Science - How Caribou

Survive Arctic Winters

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