Tomorrow is the vision of a documentary in the making.  More than telling peoples’ experiences with the global pandemic COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus disease), it aims to share the humans underneath events, and lessons that we can remember and learn from.

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that was first detected on December 31st, 2019.  The disease affects people’s respiratory systems and has rapidly spread around the world, prompting quarantines of entire countries.  Deadly to some, it is ravaging lives, economies, and social infrastructure. While it is a global emergency, it also deeply affects individuals.


We want to know your story.  Not just what is happening or what you are doing, but why you are acting, what are your emotions, how is wisdom evolving?

Pick up your smartphone, or the best camera you can, and start recording.

While you can edit together your own story, we are looking for your footage to include in a larger documentary tentatively entitled Tomorrow.  We wish to amass footage from all around the world to share the human stories of resilience and adaptation: from social distancing to quarantining.  Humans have feelings—we react, yet we also learn. 


What do we want from you?  The raw footage of you sharing your lives.  Interviews, selfie commentary,

meaningful moments, shots of things that complete your story.  New favorite books, a smile, empty streets, elbow bumping, people coping, a night light. If you talk about something, show it with video.

What are some examples of what people are submitting?

You can film for a day, or over multiple days.

  • Waking up and reporting in on your video camera.  What is the date? How do you feel? What are you most sad about?  What are you most grateful for? What are you planning to do today?  How is what you are doing changing?

  • Telling the story of the simple things that quarantine has left you feeling grateful for or maybe things you’re missing.

  • Filming a family member doing things that scare and/or inspire you, but must be done.

  • Filming your experience having COVID-19 (within reason - your health and safety are the most important things).

  • Showing a good deed that you saw, that probably would not have happened without this challenging time.

  • Reporting on what lessons must future people know about pandemics.

The quality of your content matters. We encourage you to focus on quality over quantity.

Take some extra time to think about the video you are recording.  Here are some helpful tips:

  • The better the camera, the better the footage—a lot of smartphones film quality video, though.

  • Set your video camera to the highest resolution (4K is ideal).

  • Orient your camera horizontally, so that the widest proportion of your screen is horizontal.

  • Film with a very steady hand or a tripod.

  • When recording sound, like when capturing your own voice, try to eliminate background noise by (1) moving

to a more quiet place, (2) moving your phone closer to the sound that you wish to record, and (3) using a microphone that can be close to the sound you wish to record.

In order for us to use your footage and story, you will need to send us a signed release form. 


Don’t hold back!  Be creative! Be authentic!  But also be safe! Follow all guidelines from local and international health organizations (e.g., social distancing), and abide by any quarantines in place.

How do you get your release form and footage to us?

We ask that you share your video footage using either Dropbox or Google Drive, and invite us to have access.  Also, we would greatly appreciate that you help us understand your organizational scheme. Please share a few brief paragraphs describing what we will find in regards to a story and content, organize your video files (if there are multiple) into easy-to-understand folders, and upload everything in one big delivery.


Please send emails to Ryan-at-ProvareMedia-dot-com with your name-location-Tomorrow (e.g., JaneDoe-Vancouver BC-Tomorrow) in the subject line.

Thanks for your time and sharing your story.  Be safe, we’ll get through this together.

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